PureSnacks Addicts

Here's what some of our biggest fans have to say...
I've been searching high and low for a treat that both my dogs would like without the added ingredients, My rescues are picky and prefer real chicken but sometimes I just don't have the time. Then I found your treats and my babies have never been happier to get a treat! It is hard to get their attention in public, being very nervous rescues with bad pasts. But once your liver treats come out it's all eyes on mom! 

We use the liver treats for training and I break up the jerky and stuff into their kong toys to keep them busy for a bit. Amazing stuff! I prefer to buy big bags too so I appreciate the size of your products.
I wanted to email the company to let you know just how much our dog, Mr. Muggs, loves these treats! I have taught him all his tricks with these dog treats so easily and he is ALWAYS ready to work for them and excited to get them! As soon as he sees the bag or hears the package crinkle he can barely sit still he is so excited for them! I break them into smaller pieces as he likes them so much he tries to inhale them! I feel good knowing we are feeding our dog quality ingredients (2) and giving our dog treats without all the excess filler etc. We wanted to send you a big thank you from our family and of course Mr. Muggs. We wish you many years of success bringing quality to our pet industry!
I have been buying your product from Walmart here in Toronto for ages. I thought you might like to hear a story. I have a standard poodle and a recently acquired rescue kitten. Last week, they managed to drag an opened bag of treats onto the floor and had gobbled them up before I noticed. Neither one had a problem. I give them both the treats and as they are fussy eaters. I grind the crumbs over their food. Thank you for such a good product.
I wanted to share with you how much my cat loves your pet treats, he loved them so much he actually can’t even wait for me to give him treats. He has even taken it upon himself to treat himself! Thank you for making such a great and real pet treat!
I just wanted to write some positive feedback on behalf of our 8-month old beagle puppy Sir Dudley Beaglesworth! He absolutely loves your freeze dried chicken snacks and we can feel good about giving him healthy treats that we know are safe! Although they are on the more expensive side, we keep them stocked at all times because they are his absolute favourite and well worth the investment to keep him in great health :) Thank you!
My cat has never acted the way she does with your treats. We got the Salomon and the shrimp my cat attacks me after i give her one. It is crazy how much she likes them we have tried all of the crap ones and she definitely like tours the best. Keep up the good work!
Just want to give positive feedback for the Pure Snacks freeze dried chicken breast and beef liver dog treats. Our dogs love them and they're healthy, 100% meat. Thank You for a great product!
I wanted to thank you for creating your treats. I have a very picky cat, she would refuse to eat any other brand of cat treats that I have picked up for her. However, when I saw your PureSnacks, I thought I would give them a try. Not only did she eat them, but she absolutely loved them! The biggest reward is seeing how happily she enjoys your treats, she purrs while eating them and she's not the type to purr very often. Thank you for creating PureSnacks. I have finally found a treat that my cat enjoys.
My cat is turning 19 years old in march, he is the greatest cat alive but in his later years has cataracts and staring to go deaf. These treats have changed his quality of life, i can not believe it. His days mainly consist of sleeping as it is hard for him to walk, we introduced these snacks to him as his teeth are to sore to chew hard food anymore. Now I have to hid this bag as he will literally sit and stare and cry till you give him some. When he sees the package he starts acting like a kitten, turning in circles perky ,the whole thing. It is priceless to see how he reacts...and yes we have tried other brands and this is the only one he reacts to...way to go. It is so nice to see my old cat become a kitten every once in a while. I have told many people of this great product... keep up the great work.
I bought a few packs of PureSnacks treats for our cat and she loves them all, especially the liver flavor!!!