Gâteries séchées à froid pour chat, Saumon

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  • Looking for a “pure snack” for your cat? Our freeze-dried salmon treats are made with just a single ingredient: sockeye salmon. We've got nothing to hide: no fillers, no grains, no glycerin, no sweeteners, no nonsense
  • Proudly sourced and freeze dried in the USA, every bag starts with 0.2lb of RAW salmon before being gently freeze dried for up to 24 hours. What’s left is 0.81oz of nutritious high value treats that your cat will love!
  • Does your cat have allergies? Are they on a special diet? Our limited ingredient treats are perfect! You have the confidence of knowing exactly what you're feeding them without having to comb through a long list of ingredients looking for red flags
  • 100% natural, pure, high in protein, and 3 calories per treat; our process is as simple as our ingredients: we gently freeze dry RAW salmon to remove water and lock everything else in; your cat will love the taste and you’ll love the nutrition
  • PureSnacks RAW séchées à froid gâteries sont emballés dans des sacs recyclables afin que nous puissions tous mettre les déchets à leur place ; nous sommes humbles chaque fois que vous nous choisissez pour votre famille, c'est pourquoi nous vous promettons que vous et votre animal aimerez PureSnacks ou que vous serez remboursés.


USA sourced wild-caught human grade sockeye salmon.

Directives d'alimentation

Show your cat you love them by giving them a “pure snack” every day. If there are crushed treats at the bottom of the bag – that’s the good stuff! Sprinkle it over your cat’s kibble and see how exciting mealtime can be!

Analyse garantie

Protéines brutes : 62% min
Matières grasses brutes : 10% min
Fibres brutes : 1% max
Teneur en eau : 5% max
Contenu calorique : 3996kcal/kg 
Contenu calorique : 3 kcal/traitement (en moyenne)

Tailles disponibles

0.81oz | 23g - MSRP: $5.49


You shouldn’t be the only one eating foods with ingredients you love. Like you, we love our pets and care about their health. That’s why we made PureSnacks; treats or toppers made with the same carefully selected simple ingredients that you’d find at your local grocery store. We’ve got nothing to hide. Our freeze-dried salmon treats have just one ingredient: wild-caught human grade sockeye salmon. We take RAW salmon and gently freeze dry it for up to 24 hours. The result is a “pure snack” with unbeatable nutrition, that smells fantastic and tastes even better. Born in 2005, we’re a proud Canadian company treating and feeding millions of dogs and cats every year since.